blood stem cell donations

Mr. Patrick Paul

DKMS BMST Foundation India, based out of Bangalore, Karnataka, is a joint venture of two reputed non-profit organizations- BMST (Bangalore Medical Services Trust) and DKMS one of the largest international blood stem cell donor centers in the world based in Germany, with entities in the US, the UK, Chile, Poland, India, and South Africa. Patrick […]

Ms. Terri Conneran Cancer Crusader

Ms. Terri Conneran

Ms. Terri Conneran was diagnosed with stage III lung cancer in 2017. Considering the family history of breast cancer, she was getting screened for the same from her mid-20s. Her symptoms at first indicated ailments like asthma, pneumonia, and bronchitis. After a diligent antibiotic course, when she showed no signs of improvement, she underwent a […]

Alka Shrikhande

Alka Shrikhande (MS, MBA) is a biochemist, who has worked with Pfizer and Bayer Pharmaceuticals in drug development as a research scientist for over thirty years. Her work in the field of neuroscience and inflammation has been published in scientific journals. She was the President of Asian Pacific American Group at Pfizer. Alka, who lives […]

Ms. Jayashree Ratan

I was born in Chennai but I have lived in Mumbai for more than 32 years. Because of my father’s and husband’s jobs in All India services, I had a good Bharath darshan from a young age. I traveled across the country and was exposed to people of different cultures. As I grew old my […]

Samara Mahindra

Samara Mahindra is the Founder and CEO of CARER – India’s first personalized integrative oncology company that provides customized nutrition-based integrative therapies for cancer patients. Samara decided to launch CARER because of her personal experience of losing her mother to cancer. During the time she lived as a caregiver, she found a major gap in […]

Dr. Geetha Manjunath

Dr. Geetha Manjunath is the founder, CEO, and CTO of NIRAMAI Health Analytix. Dr. Geetha specializes in IT and has worked as a Principal Research Scientist and Research Manager at Hewlett Packard Labs India for 17 years and a team leader at C-DAC Bangalore. She has also led a team in the Data Analytics Lab […]

Shubhendra Singh Thakur

Shubhendra Singh Thakur, a graduate in Biology who holds a specialisation in Design and Interpretation of Clinical Trials has always been a tech lover. From a background in biology and life sciences, he never kept himself shackled to the limitations of his academic knowledge and understanding. Due to his keen interest in learning and developing […]

Purnota Dutta Bahl

Purnota learned about pediatric oncology and nutrition from experts and established Cuddles Foundation, a nonprofit organization, to help fight childhood cancer with nutritious food. Cuddles has a team of 40+ clinical nutritionists working with 35 government and charity cancer hospitals in 12 states. Purnota believes that most childhood cancers are curable but malnutrition makes fighting […]

Ms. Dimple Parmar

Dimple is the Co-Founder and CEO of Integrative Oncology cancer care startup and NGO Love Heals Cancer. After losing her husband to cancer, Dimple dedicated her life to helping cancer patients and their caregivers with regards to guiding in medical treatment and managing side effects through complementary treatment to make it Integrative. She has been […]