Real-World Evidence For Transforming Oncology Management

Introduction: Randomized controlled trials (RCTs) are considered as the gold standard for drugs approval, before using them in the actual clinical practice. RCTs are expensive, tedious, and long- lasting with rigid inclusion criteria. These trials are associated with selection and design bias and are only useful to fast-track the oncology drug approval for a small […]

Endoscopic Thyroid Surgery in Thyroid Cancers!

Introduction Thyroid cancer refers to abnormally growing thyroid cells that have the potential to spread to other body parts. Its symptoms include swelling or a lump in the neck. As per a recent study, global new cases of thyroid cancer in 2019 were 233,847, which meant an increase of 167% over 1990. The incidence is […]

Understanding Gallbladder Cancer- Problem Unique to India!

Understanding Gallbladder Cancer- Problem Unique to India! Gallbladder cancer (GBC), a notorious and aggressive cancer has the highest prevalence in Northern India, especially along the Gangetic belt and in the states of Utter Pradesh and Bihar. While a lot of factors contribute to the onset of cancer, its exact cause is unknown. Multiple studies have […]

Pharmacogenomics In Oncology by Dr. Subhrojyoti Bhowmick

Pharmacogenomics in Oncology

Introduction to Genomics and Pharmacogenomics: The origin of genomics dates back to the 1900s. Hans Winkler coined the term genome, meaning the genetic make-up of the organism. Watson and Crick with their work on the structure of DNA marked another landmark in the field of molecular biology (1). The dideoxy sequencing method developed by Fred […]

Robotic Surgery: A Paradigm Shift In Oncology

The Beginning Of Advancement: The introduction of robotic surgeries in minimally invasive surgeries has offered more precision, access to modern imaging, a better range of motion, and less operation time. Robotic surgery with PUMA 200 was first used in neurosurgery in 1985 (1). While it was extensively used in the 1990s, the AESOP system produced […]